Digital me

Last week my laptop died!

Even though I have probably spent more time with my laptop than with my kids I have no emotional relation to the computer and have been looking forward to changing model. However, I panicked when the technician told me that they had to send my computer away for weeks to access my documents.

Of course I have a backup of the hard drive (even if it is at least three months old). The problem was that I had traveled half around the world from my backup and the day after my laptop died I was responsible for an important course. Everything I needed, including my lectures, was on my inaccessible hard drive.

I should have taken a back up of relevant documents on a USB memory stick but I did not. Alternatively I could have used Dropbox, but for me it is only a tool to send large files to colleagues. Luckily, I usually use my email to send important files to myself even though it is a very primitive back up solution.

This ONL-course and my PBL-group have made me realized how old fashion I work regarding digital tools for teaching and how inefficient I use new digital ways to communicate in research project. One example is how my co-authors and I send drafts to each other with changes made in red (and nobody is 100% sure they have been working on the last version of the document) instead of using Google drive or similar solutions from Microsoft.

However, hopefully my new ”digital me” starts as soon as my brand new laptop advertised as the ”The future of notebooks” is delivered. This computer that is supposed to represent a paradigm shift do not have a normal USB port and I am looking forward to moving from physical hard drives that can break to embrace cloud computing. I do not care about security issues or if Google or Apple in theory have access to the cloud. I just want access to my data weather or not I am using my smart phone, laptop or computer at work. But more important I want a solution were back ups are done automatically and my family photos of analog me are stored in a safe place.


2 reaktioner på ”Digital me

  1. Hi JOhan, nice to hear you are ”back again”, about some backup system , there is something called drop box, where everything you do in your computer is saved ”in space” out there , somewhere. Thats where I have evérything, just in case something will happen……… something you don´t want to happen. So , I think that´s also a part of the ”Digital me”, not only personell factors contributes to that, also other things, that you don´t always can ba a part of. I think that ”Digital me” is a construct which include many different dimensions, and we have discovered some of them, and at the end of this course, there will be many more dimensions in this construct, //Veronica


  2. I recognise your story, and I know I should have taken a backup of my computer for ages. This horror story (although not unuque) finally urged me to back some things up again as well (which I really cannot loose!).
    Although I do use dropbox, I still don’t really trust the ”working on the same document” online, potentially at the same time (and gives me an akward feeling that I don’t safe those things constantly on my own pc). Well anyway, hopefully your computer/files get well soon and good luck exploring the big digital world!



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