New Digital Tools

I am currently both a student, lecturer and a course coordinator.

The incentive for me to participate in ONL 152 is to learn about new digital tools. After the first two weeks of the course I have already had new encounters with Prezi and Padlet creating presentations, and other groups have presented impressive examples using digital tools like Piktochart, Powtoon, Google drive, Sway, and Slidesshare for their presentations. It was also a new experience for me to use the different Google platforms to find course information and to communicate with fellow students and teachers.  I think Google provides a excellent platforms for communication and collaboration especially considering it is for free.

While being a student, I have also tried to find time during these two weeks to finish my lectures for teaching assignments. Unfortunately I have never mastered the chalkboard as a teacher but after only a week as an ONL student I have realized that there are other digital options to engage students and create a more interactive type of lectures and hopefully the standard (boring) Power Point presentation is about to be replaced. It surprised me how easy it was to use and publish presentations made with Prezi and Padlet. Even though I am not convinced that these platforms are suitable for every type of presentation I am looking forward to explore them more and hopefully also find other digital teaching tools.

In addition to teaching next week I am also a course coordinator and I am going to use Prezi for my introduction the first day of the course. To be the course coordinator includes a never ending list of administrative course related stuff. I hope the ONL 152 course will introduce me to digital tools that make this part of being an educator more efficient. I think one of the major advantages of digital learning is the possibility to with the right kind of digital tools (and the knowledge how to use them) scale an on-line course from a group of 20 students to 200 or     200 000 students with out necessarily increasing the work load for the course coordinator.

To conclude my first blog post:

I am very positive to ONL and my new digital tools, and I am looking forward to the next topic.


5 reaktioner på ”New Digital Tools

  1. Hi Johan,
    interesting to take part of the initial blogs for ONL, happy to hear that you have learnt a lot already – nice that you are giving it a try to immediately use Prezi in your own context!
    I agree that there are so many tools, you might not even have heard about, to use and to know about the different options makes it easier to teach accordning to how you would like to… And not be limited to the only tools you thought where options, in that case your ideas of how to best promote learning might not be the part of departure. As it in the best of worlds should be – pedagogy and tools go hand in hand!
    Look forward to follow your blog during the course,
    best wishes Maria


  2. Hi Johan,
    Nice to hear that you are at ”both sides”, student as teacher. I am also course-organiser of 2 courses this autumn (first one starts in a week), and I am also using PingPong more and more. Pingpong is extremely boring compared to Google+ etc, but it already a big improvement to arrange all those admin. duties, especially when many teachers/persons are involved. Good luck with the courses!


  3. Agree with you fully Johan, I guess that you did find this course, as I did, as one of the milestones to get your associate professor title. For me, I find the quality of this course amazingly and surprisingly good. I am so glad that I joined. Getting a grip of all these tools is of great benefit, for life.
    For ex; I had a hangout in our research group, splendid, instead of traveling, loosing time.


  4. I totally agree with you Johan, and I have also discovered Google+ as an excellent platform for online learning and collaboration, with the advantage of being completely free. I had never used most of the online tools that we used in the course, and my goal in this course was also to explore them and especially to identify the ones that will make our work as teachers more efficient.



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